Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thinking About Chairs

"Refrain from self-induced pain." - My dad, to me, in response to an email I sent him

 lonely tic-tac in a big world.

 someone teach this woman some better coping stratedgies.

Three Cheers for Swiss Accessibility! 

"While Star Gazing"

I think I'm here.
I don't know what I think.

The population of Saint Lucia is 
One Hundred and Seventy Thousand.


What is too bad about the world is that so often we love people who don't love us, and people love us who we don't love.  

In other news, my happy one year wedding aniversary to my kindergarten girlfriend. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

I Think Your Puppy Is Stupid

"Hopefully in five years, I'll have a really ruch husband and then it will be okay." - My friend, about student loans

Even super villans get the blues.

"The Road Less Traveled"

Have you listened
To traffic


Grown-ups don't eat sour things.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Too Much Beauty Can Be Exhausting

"Action expresses priorities." - Ghandi (duh)
almost a boat

"Three Things That Feel Amazing"

Having sex with someone you love.

Being recognized for your ability.

Getting your braces off.


Whenever my wifi stops working, I take it as a direct sign from god.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little Older With Every Day

"It's like crossing the street without looking both ways." - My friend, on the severity of having unprotected sex

The snail pulls its shadow.

"Are You Kidding Me?"

I was looking at my hand
And a mosquito landed on it.

When you search my name
On the internet,
A picture of my unrequited love

The only known predators
Of whales
Are humans.


Gummy bears!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why am I Here?

"Or you could go back to college." - The fifteen-year-old girl whose family is hosting me in Geneva, about how to find your soul mate

It is very important for infants to have a strong sense of national identity. 

"All There Is To It"




But in reality, being unhappy can also teach you something about being happy.

Monday, August 26, 2013

What Beautiful Is

"Remember, move forward with your eyes wide open." - My mom

don't fuck with this cat.

"before i turn around"

at worst
it feels like i made you up.

the stuff of myths.

do i send the letter
from gay



There's no point in looking before crossing the road if you don't look in the right direction

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

"You're whole life can change in a moment." - One of the mothers of the family that I'm staying with in Switzerland

Look what Europe figured out that we haven't.

"The Five Most Interesting Things To Watch (in no particular order)"

1) Ant hills
2) Crepes being made
3) Grass growing in fast-motion
4) Those people on the street who spraypaint canvases with scifi planet scenes
5) Clouds


What is better than dreaming? What is better than listening to Michael Jackson Music?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Rain Put Out My Cigarette

"And I haven't had any alcohol either." - My nintey-two-year-old grandmother, on her birthday, when I told her she sounded lively.

He'll get there one day.

 A friend that I found by Lake Geneva.

You are seing correctly--they are eating ice cream together.

"When You're Single, You Have to Eat Both Vegetable Samosas"

In New York City,
My sadness becomes depression.
Soon I will go to Paris,
Where I hope that my sadness
Will mature into melancholy.


Tonight, I ate Indian food by myself in the Red Light District of Geneva--what's the verdict on this one?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sharing a Bed with Strangers

"I shouldn't have sat down like that." - A sixty-five year old man I was talking to, who sat criss-cross-apple-sauce on the ground with me

One day, this corn will be gasoline. 

Whatever, flowers are pretty.

"i'm the ladder"

I wonder
What it feels like
To be old
And to know
That you aren't going to change the world.


It is a biological fact that if you bring a group of fifteen or so strangers together, one of those strangers will bring a guitar.  About half the group will be really into it, and the other half will be totally pissed off.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whats My Age Again?

"I bet they want to just stop spinning, but they can't." - My cast mate, about the dancers in A Chorus Line

 I've felt like that.

 Smoking kills, even in Switzerland.

Swans are actually pretty mean animals.

"A Vegetarian Eating Meat"

Walking around alone in Geneva.
Walking around alone in Geneva,
And all the shops are closed.

Maybe I'll become a grown-up in Geneva.
Maybe I'll become a smoker in Geneva.
Maybe I'll become a carnivore in Geneva.
Maybe I'll forget about you in Geneva.
Maybe I'll fall in love with you in Geneva.
Maybe I'll get lost on the train in Geneva.
Maybe I'll change one day.
I'll have sex in Geneva.
Maybe I'll allow myself to be sad in Geneva.
We just don't know.
You and I just didn't know.


When you're alone in Europe you're allowed to smoke cigarettes.

If you're wearing a full burka, your eye make-up MATTERS.

After a certain age, you can't break anymore bones or else people will not trust you.

Friday, August 16, 2013

You're A Reason for me to Keep my Room Clean

"I'll follow you." - Amadou & Miriam.

 empty space.

 That's my friend up there!

self portrait: "what is wrong with this picture?"

"It's Crazy"

Feeling nostalgic about something for the first time.

Not allowing yourself to feel nostalgic about something for the first time.

But reggae always make ya feel good.


"Assignment No. 1 for being an Adult"

Make a master resume, compiling your favorite jobs from each of your different individual resumes.


It is so difficult to habitualize taking vitamins!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Red Red Wine

"Yea, but I'd want to go to Italy." - My friend, when I mentioned that I may want to join the Peace Corps

Because I did something right in a past life.




I love love love love love listening to dramatic music in the grocery store.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bad Dreamz

"Account has insufficient funds." - Bank of America, to me, via email, all the time

Someone did not want to Fanta.

"The Three Things My Parents Don't Approve Of"

1) Smoking
2) Riding a bike without a helmet
3) Trampolines


"on seeing someone again for the first time in a while"

He will look beautiful.

He will be wearing some things that you recognize,
Which will be difficult.
He will be wearing some things that you don't recognize,
Which will be difficult.

This house is not a home anymore.


Weird things keep happening in New York City.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No Match Found

"You're not that cool." - A drunk woman at a bar, to me, relatively unsolicited

 Are you alone at Chipotle, playing on your phone?

 Are you alone at Chipotle, playing on your phone?

 Are you alone at Chipotle, playing on your phone?

Are you a pigeon bathing yourself?

"Running Late to Therapy"

We used to say goodbye
At Broadway-Lafayette.

Will you ever think
That you made a mistake?

We completely lost our way.


"Why I Can't Buy Stocks"

I stood
At the corner of 67th and Broadway
For seventeen minutes
Trying to open
A case of headphones
That I bought
From the Apple Store.

In New York City
Who is seeing you
That you don't know is seeing you?


"While Sitting"

I have just been walking around all day. More or less hoping not to run into you. More or less not running into you. Buying books for people who aren't you and watching people who aren't you walk by and imagining what your hair must look like by now. I hear that you died it blonde.

(I saw on Facebook that you died it blonde).

I don't know what you're up to or where you're going to be living in September. (I know that you are moving soon, so some point in the next few weeks you'll be miserable).

I'm really trying here. I really walking around a lot and trying not to stare too hard at the young father with his child wrapped in cloth pressed against his chest. He's not me and he's not even you. Nobody that I've passed so far today had been you, or even close to you. Not the man who sold me my iced coffee or the woman who accidentally side-swiped me with her bag. None of these people sitting on these benches around me, playing on their iPhones are you. I'm not you, and for all I know, you aren't even you anymore.


The rain it raineth everyday.

Monday, August 12, 2013

I Didn't Post Yesterday...

"I knew he was feeling down and depressed, because I've be around you a lot." - My friend, about her other depressed friend.

Look at this thing that is not the sky!

"So Smart"

There is no future;
The past is simple.

So nice
So nice
So nice
So nice
So nice
So nice
It would be so nice.


My throat has been hurting for the past week.  Karma!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Sound of the First Raindrop I Remember

"Holy cow!" - An older man I passed on the street, who was surprised


 ...there's always a catch.

Can anyone see that van?

"What's Fucked Up"

What fucked up
About puzzles
Is that someone prints a whole picture
And then cuts it up into little pieces.


"Where We're At for Now"

It's 1:11
In the afternoon.
I'm in pajamas
Eating Kraft macaroni and cheese


Today I sat next to someone on the subway who smelled really good.  Has that ever been said before?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Steady as the Beating Drum

"What is my path? How will I find it?" - Pocahontas

 the start of a journey.

 what we thought about "Indians" when we were kids

Remember the trail of tears??

the word i keep forgetting is 'esoteric' "

And I am only for you
Not for anyone else
But only for you.


It's hard out here for a pimp.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eating a Whole Cake

"I can basically place a game of Spider Solitaire, but it can't be too long--that's my attention span." - The stage manager of a piece I am doing, about her attention span

Check out that door.

"We Could Have Ice Cream or Beer"

Too large a bite
Of Wasabi
Is a torture
From which
You cannot release yourself.

Only time.


Everyone loves Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips.  It's a biological fact.

Peril Looming in the Water

"How was your day, did everything work out!?" - A new friend, via text message

cest ne paus un pigeon

self portrait: "putting my phone in my pocket"

that light!

"three things you need to keep track of"

your Environment
your Relationships
your Job


Today, there was a huge grey cloud covering Manhattan.  But I knew that it wasn't going to rain.

Monday, August 5, 2013

My First Good Mood

"My goal in life is to be happy and to one day go to Egpyt." - An old friend, over the phone

 If you don't finish your Snapple, it will run away!

Some intern forgot to paint the billboard... 


"Young Love"

I can't be bothered
to be at the point in a relationship
Where you have to hold in your farts.

I can't be bothered
To tell you that I'm a vegetarian.

I can't be bothered
To make conversation while we get dressed.

Or not take a shit in your apartment.

Want to make out?


I'm trying this new thing where I only spend time people who want to spend time with me.

I lost my only pen! But it was just behind my ear.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wearing Someone Else's Underwear

"Make decisions day by day and don't plan for the future" - My 23-year-old friend

hard time carrying heavy books


"Banjo Music Makes Me Reminisce"

Everything I do
Is in relation to you.

Waiting for a date


"Child of the 21st Century"

I had the thought:
What did people do
Before lighters were invented?


Learning is good.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yes And

"We have 26 mutual friends" - A person I overheard, speaking to another person that she just met

Urban Surfer

" Interactive Poem: Words that Rhyme with 'Cheers' "



Nothing nothing nothing is better than pizza.

Friday, August 2, 2013

painting something blue that is already blue

"Don't tell mom" - My sister, via text, along with a picture of her new tattoo

if you don't brush your teeth, your tooth brush will run away!

"A Sad Warm Winter"

I'll say it again ,
I miss you when it's raining.


dah bah dee dah bah die

How I Know I am a Performance Artist

"Kristen Stewart eats out in L.A." - An actual headline from an online publication

bikes exist

"Born This Way"

When Im in a room
Full of new people
My charisma shrivels up
Like a little baby penis
In cold water.