Friday, April 11, 2014

half mast

"you're lucky to be waiting somewhere by yourself." - the kid i babysit, to an almost-thirteen-year-old waiting outside his school for a ride

it's spring! leave all your sweaters in the subway station!

"on the road again"


about transgendered people


and adam's apples

and tracheal shaves

and fantasizing 

about a day when there aren't certain body parts

reserved for "women" or "men"

as i am stuck in traffic 

in a cab 

coming over the brooklyn bridge.


i had a blister on my wrist that was bothering me so i squeezed it and got bigger and bothered me more, so i squeezed it and it filled with blood and it bothered me even more, so i squeezed it again and it popped and now every time i move my wrist it stings and it bothers me way more than it did to start off with.

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