Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a hole in my sock and a canvas bag full of spelt flour

"i remember when there was only one hummus a few years ago..." - a women at a grocery store in crown heights, commenting on the variety of hummus brands now available

"love is something so ugly that the human race would die out if lovers could see what they were doing." - leonardo da vinci

point-of-view (human)

point-of-view (caterpillar)

"do you see what i see?"

the last thing i said to my ex-partner before he broke up with me was, "if you want to break up with me after you get out of therapy, i'd rather you just call and do it over the phone than wait until you see me again."  this is the wrong thing to say to someone if you think they will want to break up with you after they get out of therapy, and you don't want to be broken up with.

today at the dry cleaner, the man in front of me was getting into an argument with the woman behind the counter.  she was refusing to accept his tracksuit because she claimed that there were spots that were stained beyond what a dry cleaning could reverse.  the man was protesting that these "stains" were just leftover lint from the last time he got his tracksuit dry cleaned.  at a certain point, the two stopped screaming and the man turned to me and asked, "what do you think? is this a stain or lint?"  i replied, "dude, i don't want to get involved," which is the right thing to say if you don't want to get involved something.

a few nights ago, i had a dream that i was having sex with my therapist.  i could tell in my dream that it was objectively the wrong thing to be doing, but it kind of just kept happening (what, with our having a scheduled time to be alone together for an hour every week).  this is the kind of thing that my therapist would call "low hanging fruit."


'lonliness is solitude with a problem.'


i think it's great that shakira is still making herself relevant.


eating too many oatmeal rasin cookies at one time is a hell from which you cannot quickly relase yourself.

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